Toujours Jeune Corrector Lotion With Carrot Oil

Toujours Jeune Corrector Lotion With Carrot Oil

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Nourishing, protective and regenerating, Toujours Jeune Carrot Corrector milk is recommended for dry and sensitive skin. It protects the epidermis against external aggressions such as wind, cold or pollution

Nourishing, protective and regenerating

Capacity: 450ml

Skin Type: Combination skin

Types of care
Body care By need - Skin care


It is recommended to use the ALWAYS YOUNG Carrot Corrective Milk on the whole body.


Changing the colour of this product does not change its quality. Stop using it if you have an allergic reaction. Forbidden to apply it on children under 12 years old.


Aqua, Lanets x, C16, C18, Cearique Stearic Alcohol, Mineral Oil, Dipropylen Glycol, Glycerin AHA, Collagen, Vitamin E, Carrot oil, Fragrance